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Years ago, I created the “Art & Nature” Academy, which offers budding artists and professional artists a space to create and research their art through dance, song and writing. It takes place during the summer in a village on the Danube in Bulgaria. The wonder of each participant for my method and the satisfaction of the results it gives, led me to develop and offer this Academy also in Egypt. The confinement convinced me that space time does not exist and that thanks to the internet we can meet quite easily. 

By creating the Online Music School, I allow adults and children wishing to learn about music, the opportunity to do so at their own pace and in their own space.The school offers different exploration subjects. Through my learning and stage experiences with the violin and singing but also through my training as an Art therapist, I have created courses for beginners in two classes: violin and singing. “How to learn the violin without learning music theory” for budding violinists and “FA -SI-LA sing!” – which repertoire to choose according to your voice” for apprentice singers. And for any public who encounters a blockage in practicing their art, I propose another route: “Wake up the artist who you are”

The online school will open its doors on 05/15/23. On the same day, registrations for the Art and Nature Academy for the summer of 2023 will also be open. 

Coming soon

To keep you informed, please leave your email in the mailing list of this site, with the subject: “Online Music School” or “Art & Nature” Academy and you will receive a book to download for free on the subject you are interested in.