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Djaïma chanteuse et violoniste bulgare sur le pont Alexandre III

DJAÏMA is an international artist who travels the world with her violin and her voice. From France to Bulgaria via India, the United States and Turkey, for three years she has settled in Egypt where she performs at the Opera of Cairo and Alexandria with the band of Yehia Khalil.

She is an accomplished artist and iconoclast. Singer, violinist and actor, dancer, painter and songwriter, she is a child prodigy born in a small town on the Danube in Bulgaria.
She started playing the violin at the age of five years. Graduate of the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Rousse and the National Academy of Theatre and Cinema in Sofia (Bulgaria).

In Paris she specialized in Cabaret Musical Variety Studio and worked with Didier Lockwood for jazz violin , Julia Pélaer, Michelle Hendrixs and Alexandrina Milcheva for voice, and Bernard Morry for harmony and composition. In 2014 she majored in musical theater on Broadway, New York.

From 2009 to 2011 DJAIMA has undertaken a tour of the world for Peace festival “Voices for Peace” which brought her in several countries.From India to Turkey, from America to France, she met musicians from each country and create a song for peace in the country language.

Her wandering music without obstacle reflects emotion, images and warm melodies of the soul at the crossroads of many cultures. She has played in festivals around the world and delights audiences with a unique form of musical theater. She also participated in the Cairo Jazz Festival in 2021 and gives many concerts with different Egyptian musicians.

It is one of the few violinists in the world who sings and plays the violin at the same time.

Her colorful music from several cultures makes DJAÏMA an ambassador of peace.