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…”A voice that carries and transports
the souls in the depths of
most imaginary countries,
those who are in us…”

Allo la Planète, France Inter

” This violinist with a fiery temperament is an iconoclastic artist who draws her inspiration from Bulgarian and even Gypsy cultures. Far from reproducing traditional music, this Janis Joplin from Danube makes her powerful and precise voice sound and it crosses genres. As comfortable with a melody as with the violence of a rock, DJAIMA has style with anxious bass and crystalline treble. Alternately dark, light, mischievous and surly, she creates a poetic universe on the border of cabaret and rock concert. “

Mezzo Voce France 3

upcoming shows




February 20th
with DJAÏMA Quartette – Room Space, Tagammo, New Cairo
February 22th
with Yehia Khalil Band, Cairo Opera House
February 24th
with Yehia Khalil Band, Alexandria Opera House
March 1st
with Yehia Khalil Band, National Museum of Civilisations, Cairo
March 3rd
with ” Virus”, Sahia Culture Center, Zamalek, Cairo
April 15th
To be confirmed – Concert in Aman, Jordan
August 1st – 5th
Festival Miss L, Bulgaria

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Djaïma bulgarian violonist singer Cover photo album Baiser salé

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